Welcome to the Alumni section of Govt. College of Pharmacy, Rohru. We are proud to celebrate the achievements and successes of our esteemed alumni community. The section aims to connect, engage, and network with fellow alumni, faculty, staff, and current students. The institute believes in nurturing lifelong relationships and fostering a strong sense of belongingness even after passing out of the institute.
The college over the years has produced and shaped accomplished graduates who have made significant contributions in various fields, both locally and globally. Our alumni are innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, and change-makers who have left an indelible mark in their respective domains. We take immense pride in their accomplishments and the positive impact they have on society.
We encourage all alumni to stay connected with the college and each other. By joining our alumni network, you gain access to a vast array of resources and opportunities that can enrich your personal and professional life. Also, we are constantly inspired by the accomplishments of our alumni, and we believe their stories deserve to be shared. Thus, this section proposes to highlight the exceptional achievements and contributions of our graduates which aim to inspire current students and create a sense of pride within the college.
Thank you for being an integral part of the GCPR. We are proud of your accomplishments and excited to celebrate your journey. Together, let’s continue to make a positive impact and uphold the spirit of excellence that defines our college.