The National Cadet Corps is well known for instilling discipline, patriotism, and a feel of leadership in the youth. We take great pride in hosting an active NCC unit on our campus, providing students with an opportunity to engage in various activities that promote personal growth, community service, and nation-building.
At GCPR, we firmly believe that participation in the NCC offers students an invaluable platform to develop their physical fitness, character, and overall personality. Our NCC unit is affiliated with 8th battalion Rampur, providing cadets with an authentic military experience and exposure.
Key Features of our NCC Unit:
Training and Drills: The NCC cadets are trained through rigorous training sessions and drills, focusing on physical fitness, marching, weapon handling, and other essential skills. These training activities develop discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence among the cadets.
Social Service: We believe in nurturing responsible citizens who actively contribute to society. Our NCC unit regularly engages in community service initiatives such as blood donation camps, cleanliness drives, and awareness campaigns on social issues. Through these activities, our cadets learn the importance of giving back and develop empathy and compassion for others.
Leadership Development: The NCC provides an ideal platform for developing leadership skills. Cadets are given opportunities to take up leadership roles within the unit, organizing events, leading teams, and making important decisions. These experiences enable them to grow as effective leaders who can inspire and motivate others.
Camps and Competitions: Our NCC unit participates in various camps and competitions at the regional and national levels. These events offer cadets a chance to interact with cadets from other institutions, exchange ideas, showcase their skills, and compete in various activities such as shooting, drill competitions, cultural events, and more.
Joining the NCC at GCPR is an excellent opportunity for students to explore their potential, broaden their horizons, and develop a strong sense of discipline and national pride. The experiences gained through NCC activities complement the academic pursuits and contribute to the holistic development of our students.
We encourage all interested students to join the NCC and become a part of this prestigious organization. Together, let us strive to build a strong and united nation.
For more information about our NCC unit, training schedules, and upcoming events,

Please Contact Dr. Vineet Mehta (Asst. Professor; 8262990414).