Youth Red Cross (YRC)

The Youth Red Cross (YRC) Club is a dynamic and vibrant student organization dedicated to promoting humanitarian values and fostering a spirit of social responsibility among the youth. As a part of the world’s largest humanitarian network, the Red Cross, the club at the institute aims to empower young individuals to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.
At GCPR, we believe in the potential of young people to create meaningful change. The YRC Club provides an excellent platform for students to engage in various social service activities, acquire life skills, and develop a deep understanding of humanitarian principles. By actively participating in our club, students can make a real difference in the lives of those in need.
Here are some key aspects of our Youth Red Cross Club:
Humanitarian Initiatives: We organize and participate in a wide range of humanitarian initiatives, including blood donation drives, health and hygiene awareness campaigns, disaster preparedness programs, and community service projects. These initiatives enable our members to actively contribute to society and help build a more compassionate world.
Training and Workshops: We aim to conduct workshops and training sessions to equip our members with essential skills such as first aid, disaster management, leadership, and communication.
Awareness Campaigns: Our club takes pride in raising awareness about social issues and promoting causes that align with the principles of the Red Cross. Through workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and online campaigns, we strive to educate our college community about topics like healthcare, human rights, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability.
Volunteering Opportunities: We collaborate with local NGOs, hospitals, and organizations to provide our members with volunteering opportunities. These experiences enable students to engage directly with individuals and communities in need, gaining valuable insights and developing empathy.
By joining the Youth Red Cross Club, you will have the chance to make a lasting impact while nurturing your own personal and professional growth. Whether you are passionate about humanitarian work, interested in learning life-saving skills, or simply want to give back to society, our club offers a welcoming environment for all.
For more information or to get involved.

Please Contact Dr. Pankaj Sharma (Asst. Professor; 8262976382)

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